Horizontal Boring

Horizontal_Drilling_2Have a utility installation job that require a trenchless operation? Tiger Trenching provides horizontal boring services.  This is also sometimes referred to as directional boring. Horizontal boring is an innovative method of laying pipes or cables underground when digging a trench in an area that is either impractical or undesirable. This method of installing conduits may be necessary when the surrounding area cannot withstand a trenching operation.

It depends on the geological composition of the surrounding soil as to weather horizontal boring may or may not be an option. The best case scenario conditions for horizontal boring is when the ground underneath is composed of solid rock or sedimentary material. If the rock has incomplete layers or voids, or the soil has cobble stone, horizontal boring will not be recommended. In that situation, our traditional trenching excavation service may be more appropriate.

Our top-of-the-line horizontal boring mills are chosen to be used for their ability to enlarge the internal diameter of existing holes. The most common type of horizontal borer is the table-type boring machines. Because it has versatility, this type of machine is also known as a universal type. These heavy-duty industrial machines are designed to drill anywhere ranging from a roughly cut hole up to highly accurate holes. For most of your horizontal boring projects, a single point cutting tool can be used to drill a tapered hole.

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