Patch-Back Concrete and Asphalt

Infrared-Asphalt-Patching-ServicesWe Fix Your Concrete or Asphalt

One of the easiest and least expensive repairs to concrete and asphalt is fortunately the patch-back repair.  It includes a thorough cleaning of the area and the application of compacted tack coat and hot-mix asphalt. This process is repeated one more times to seal the area.

Patch-back work may be necessary in repair to potholes in roads, cracks in sidewalks, or any damage to any concrete at a home or business.  Addressing any issues early with your concrete or asphalt is important to avoid more costly damage.

There are two different types of patch-back work offered at Tiger Trenching:

  1. Full-depth Patching – which involves removing everything down to the sub-base and a new sub-base is installed.  A tack coat is then laid and the patch area is filled with new asphalt.  This will be a permanent fix.
  2. Surface Patching – which simply includes placing asphalt over the surface and feathered or milled.  This is only temporary and should be used on a surface that is in good condition.

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