Right of Way Operations

adot2000bTiger Trenching’s right of way operations service provides industry-trained professionals who are up to date on the latest ADOT and USDOT regulations. There are three main situations requiring a right of way operation:

  1. Maintenance – our operators will plan and schedule all maintenance required for the repair or prevention of asset damage on the public right of way;
  2. Improvements – from coordination and planning with the local traffic division to performing the public works, we can be there from the beginning of the job to the end; and
  3. Accidents – in an unfortunate circumstance such as a traffic accident, our professional operators will ensure smooth and safe removal of debris from the road.

Right of way operations in the case of maintenance can address public asset damage such as pothole repair, asphalt or sidewalk repair, traffic signal repair and maintenance, drainage system maintenance, roadway stripping, or bridge repair and maintenance. Tiger Trenching is committed to handling these and other roadway maintenance operations with time-honored quality and experience.

Right of way operations addressing road improvements are also a top priority for Tiger Trenching. We manage all contracts and agreements between local officials to see the job through to the end. We monitor and oversee jobs such as drainage system improvement, paving programs, traffic light and signal repair installations, and more.

Traffic accidents requiring debris removal and road repair are an unfortunate part of living in a highly motorized society. When accidents do strike, it’s best to have an efficient and competent operator on the job to swiftly and safely remove and discard any glass, metal or broken asphalt from the scene. Tiger Trenching can handle all this while maintaining the right of way operation at the same time.

For this reason, Tiger Trenching is your community partner for every right of way operation need. Ready to take on the job from start to finish, let our team of experienced professionals make your right of way operation a breeze. Call today! 928-453-1755 24/7

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