Underground Line Locating

image002Underground line locating can be done in a variety of different ways. Depending on the surrounding environment, thermal imaging or other surface-based methods may be appropriate for determining the exact location of underground utilities and water and sewage lines. Other times, it is necessary to go underground using horizontal boring or other trenching methods to determine the precise location of your line.

Because Tiger Trenching professionals have a wide range of experience from various landscapes all over the Tri-State area, we are well-equipped to accurately diagnose your specific location’s underground line using the most appropriate method.

One trick of the trade is to use a water-evaporation technique. In this method, by pouring water even over a concrete floor, we can watch the strips of water that evaporate first and determine the general area over which underground lines are buried.

It is always best to consult a professional when attempting to dig underground, as damage to utility and sewage lines can cost far more to repair than obtaining an accurate assessment of the line location in the first place. Let the leading underground line locators in Mohave County take the guess work out of your locating project. Trust Tiger Trenching’s outstanding reputation as premier underground line locators, and call for an assessment today! 928-453-1755 24/7

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