Backfill and Compaction

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABackfill and compaction can be used to provide further structure for a weak underground structure or foundation and landscaping.  This process requires intimate knowledge with the various types of soils.

Tiger Trenching offers three different types of backfill:

  1. Compact – a compactor or excavator is used to compact the material, with water added periodic to aid in compaction.  This process is repeated a number of times.
  2. Water Jetting – a device is used to force pressurized water into a trench to move the material around, without any compaction.
  3. Flowable Fill – a ready to mix truck delivers a cement-like material, which is used to fill the trench.

The team at Tiger Trenching is extremely knowledgeable in the various soils and their requirements.  Through their training and experience, our team can assess your particular job and provide you with the confident service that will ensure your project is a success.

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