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The most important thing in a site utility business is reliability and punctuality. Since a lot of projects can’t move forward until utilities have been installed, I have relied on Tiger Trenching for the past 30 years to get the job done.


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Core Drilling

Tiger Trenching provides core drilling services for a variety of core samples your project may need. We offer diamond coring, with standard or chrome barrels, designed to remove core samples of materials. Core drilling can be done for a variety of purposes. Core samples can be taken from all kinds of materials, both artificial and natural. Man made materials such as concrete, ceramics, and soft metals and alloys are commonly extracted to test the properties of the material.

A diamond blade corer is the best tool to use to extract material from underground. Core drills can be used to explore mineral compositions from several hundred to several thousand feet deep. The decision about whether to begin or continue a mining operation is frequently based on data obtained from core drilling.

Using precise PSI measurements, core drilling can determine the strength and composition of the extracted material. This is helpful in a concrete extraction, for example, to test and make sure the concrete is strong enough to meet specifications laid out by regulatory agencies. When constructing highways, contractors must follow state and federal regulations as to the composition of the concrete. The concrete must be able to hold a certain specified amount of weight to pass Arizona and US Department of Transportation tests.

Sometimes, core drilling can be required in cases where the core sample does not need to be preserved. For example, construction projects that bore through concrete to create pipe holes, manholes, or other trenching operations. This can be done much more rapidly because the drill is not required to remove as much material. A standard bit can be used for this type of operation. Using a diamond-tipped core drill is common when the material is not preserved because of its extreme precision.

When you need core drilling and need it done with state-of-the-art corers, let the professionals at Tiger Trenching handle your project.